Amazing benefits of Terracotta pots

Terracotta pots are a great choice for planting indoor or outdoor plants. Their porous region makes them really beneficial and a wonderful alternative of traditional flower pots. Terracotta is a kind
of earthenware that is mostly made out of clay. These are generally glazed and unglazed ceramic sculptures, with porous bodies. Terracotta is used in a variety of products such as flower pots, bricks, water pipes, roofing tiles, beautiful surface embellishments and also in the construction of buildings. Terracotta generally consists of natural orange, brownish colour.
Thus, making terracotta pots a great option for planting.

Terracotta pots for planting:

Terracotta pots are porous by nature, which is really
beneficial for plants. It allows air and water to move within the walls.
This helps in preventing rotting of roots as well as soil disease. These
pots help in the growth of plants by protecting it from unwanted

1. These types of pots are idle for indoor gardening. You
can choose from a variety of shapes and colours. They are also
available in various designs. Terracotta pots are also used for
outdoor gardening by using containers.

2. Terracotta pots are mostly used for plants that require
dry soil compared to other plants. Some of the plants they
require dry soils are cactus and succulents.

3. They will end up becoming stunning patina, which will
only get better with time. Terracotta pots can also be used
for gifting purposes.

4. Terracotta pots are a great replacement for plastics.
Plastics are not porous in nature. In comparison to plastic,
clay is much more eco-friendly.

5. Terracotta pots are perfect for cold regions. They can
especially be used during the time of winter. The porous walls
of the pot help in drawing out water from the soil.

6. These types of pots are extravagant by nature. Their
beautiful designs and shapes make them a luxurious item to
own. Each pot has a unique design and a sense of style. They
add great texture to the interior of the house.

7. The colour of the terracotta pot will help in
understanding whether the plant needs water.

Terracotta pots are originated from baked clay. Its porous nature prevents
overwatering of plants. This helps in the protection of plants. Hence, terracotta pots are an excellent option to be used as flower pots.

Terracotta pots are a beautiful addition to your home. During winters, your plants will not only survive but will be thriving. Terracotta pots can sometimes break in extremely dry weather, so you need to be careful. After using terracotta pots, you will see that your plants are thanking you. It is a considerable addition to our home and also eco-friendly.

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