Why should you buy the ComBin?

The harmful effects of improper management of organic waste and the various ways it affects the environment. Have already been discussed before. A problem that arose due to technological advancement can now be eradicated with the help of the same. So, if we can give back even a mere fraction of what mother earth has provided us with, that too affordably and effectively, why not? Why should we stand by and watch crony industrialists continue polluting our environment and choke us to death?

Why should we not, as the citizens of the most beautiful place discovered yet- the Earth- do our duty of contributing toward the restoring of natural harmony? We can and we will. With the advent of our product, the ComBin, composting into the agricultural market is now easier than ever and a whole lot affordable. Let’s not sit by and watch. Let’s make a community together while making a difference.

The reason behind ComBin’s advent

Since the commencement of the industrial age, the world has seen a rise in household waste production. When this waste is treated at landfills, anaerobic decomposition occurs and results in the emission of CH4 gas, or more commonly, Methane. Food waste, however, contributes to 30% of household waste. This food waste includes leftover daily food, which all-in-all contributes to 8% of the total greenhouse gas emissions, thus contributing to Global Warming.

What does the ComBin do?

ComBin employs ways and methods of aerobic decomposition, thus preventing the formation of harmful greenhouse gases. You need to collect your kitchen waste and dump it inside the ComBin. After a month, you’ll find your waste turned into Black-Gold-Humus.

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