Balcony Garden Ideas For An Amazing Outdoor Space

For all those with a green thumb out there, you can have excellent choices for your garden. There are plenty of spaces where you can nurture mother nature. Everyone dreams of a garden in their home or at least on their balcony. However, with urban living spaces reducing in size, it seems difficult. However, if you want to practice gardening, start small. You will not only find it therapeutic, but it will beautify your home. If you are dreaming of an amazing outdoor garden, now is the time.

Excellent Tips For Your Balcony Garden

You should find out the weather, first. Each species requires a different set of weather conditions. Some plants thrive in the shade, and some in sunshine. You have to choose your plants accordingly. If you stay on the top floors of your apartment building, you should be getting a lot of sunlight. Therefore, you can plant fruit trees. Lemon does well in containers.
There are plants for low balconies, plants for windy balconies, plants for sunny areas, and so on. Thus, it will be a good idea to check with your local gardener before buying. Moreover, you can chat online with a consultant in your city or beyond. You can surely get free tips on buying the best plants.

Segregate Your Plants According To Conditions

If you have a low balcony, it will do you good to buy Ferns, Orchids, and succulents. If you happen to have a windy one, go for hardy shrubs or cacti. They can survive harsh conditions. Bougainvillea is a plant that can handle harsh sunlight. So, you can go for it. If your balcony is enclosed, choose plants that thrive in such weather conditions. Aloe Vera does well under such circumstances.

Best Balcony Garden Designs

Today, you can create a variety of garden spaces like a vertical garden, pergola, small pots, or a tabletop or window sill. There are so many plants to choose from. If you stay in a tiny apartment, you can create a vertical garden on railings or the wall. Keep a hanging garden if you have children and pets around. This is a low-maintenance option.
Moreover, if you have a larger space, go for pergolas. If you want a false partition between two living areas, go for creepers and vines. They will surely give you a lot of privacy.

There are so many fantastic options that you can take up. Gardening should not be a chore, so feel comfortable about it. These are a few amazing balcony garden ideas. For further ideas call : +971 55 1530248 to speak to green consultant for free from Big Garden Souq.

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