Best Time To Water Plants In Dubai

People who live in Dubai are aware of the arid climate throughout. There are only two seasons – winters and summers. Moreover, rainfall is less. Most people are habituated to this kind of weather conditions. However, what do you think about the plants? They surely have a difficult time keeping up with the summer heat. Moreover, dust storms are frequent visitors. Residents living in villas can still customize their gardens but apartment dwellers have a bad time.

How To Care For Your Plants In Dubai?

Today’s garden enthusiasts need to be more creative. The arid weather causes water to evaporate from plants quickly. Thus, leading to dryness. So, you must read some of the best tips to ensure that your summer garden survives. One of the best ways to save your garden is to water daily. Moreover, if you think that you can water in the scorching heat, you are wrong. The plants burn out.

Thus, it would help if you water plants during the evening or early in the morning, when it is relatively cooler. Furthermore, the rate of transpiration is lower in the mornings and evenings. Additionally, do not keep your pots in the balcony or terrace water-logged. Always leave some containers containing water in the vicinity.

Other Things To Note

Gardeners and plant-experts will advise you to water the plants in the morning. So, they get ample time to dry out before the sun rises. Moreover, if you water the plants in the evenings, the water tends to collect around the roots and cause a lot of issues. They include rot, growth of fungus and insects. So, abstain from watering too heavily in the evenings. So, the best time to water plants in Dubai is in the early morning.

Hot Weather Gardening Tips

You can also install a drip-irrigation system in your garden in Dubai. Moreover, you can leave a lightweight hose in the vicinity. Spray lightly to keep the atmosphere moist and cool. Remember not to water your plants in the middle of the day to avoid scorching the leaves.
Pay special attention to container-bound plants. They tend to suffer more than in-ground plants. Therefore, you should take adequate care of them. Annual and perennial plants need watering about thrice a week. Do take special care of new transplants.

If you want your garden in Dubai to survive the harsh heat waves, follow these tips. And, you can grow a flourishing garden in the summers of Dubai. So, happily practice gardening as a therapy today.
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