Difference Between Conventional And Organic Food

Are you at the departmental store right now? So, you must be seeing two mangoes on the mango counter. Well, one costs a bit higher than the other? Is it so? Yes, there definitely must be a reason. One is organic, and the other one is not. Now, you might be having questions? Get all of them answered today. 

What Is Conventional Food?

The answer is pretty simple. All foods that are produced through conventional farming methods are called conventional. Most farmers, use all sorts of chemical fertilizers for quick growth of the crops. It is basically mass-produced, and aims at meeting the requirements of the masses. Moreover, farmers add a lot of additives to the soil, which renders the soil incapable of producing crops after a few years. The production of Conventional foods also leads to an increase in carbon footprint. And it is cheaper than organic farming. You need to follow certain guidelines to produce organic crops. However, there are no such norms for conventional crops. 

How Does Produce Qualify As Organic?

Our ancestors produced food crops organically. Moreover, they were never interested in mass production. The main aim was to produce food for the family. Thus, all the crops grew naturally. Organic farmers use natural fertilisers and manures to feed the soil. Moreover, they do not use too many chemicals. So, the soil remains unspoiled for the years to come. Moreover, herbal supplements and manures also increase the capacity of the soil to remain productive for the future. Furthermore, organic farmers have to follow guidelines set by the government. 

So, now you know the basic difference between conventional and organic food. Well, this is a small part of the process. The biggest deterrent is the cost. 

Differences De-coded

Organic farmers have to rotate the plants, hand weed, and feed the soil with costly natural manures. Moreover, herbicides and manures are made from natural compost. So, that is the reason behind the high cost. If you travel to a local farmer’s market, you will probably get fresh, organic food. It is the buzzword today. Find a variety of cereals, pulses, and nuts, that have been produced organically today at https://bigfarmbrothers.com/product-category/uncategorized/

You will definitely find a stark difference between organically produced oil and Ghee, as well. The moment you pop it in your mouth, it becomes obvious. So, the buzz around organic is for a very good reason.

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