Difference Between Conventional Honey And Natural Raw Honey

Some people who believe that honey is the elixir of life. Honey bees collect nectar from different flowers and store it in their hives. We are the end consumers of the chain. Since time immemorial, honey has been regarded as food and medicine. Don’t you have honey with lemon juice and warm water, first thing in the morning? Many people do it. It is said to detoxify the body and aid in weight loss. However, there is a variety of honey available in the market. Find out more about it, today. 

Conventional Honey

As you already know, that organic and conventional are in the news lately. So, this differentiation applies to raw honey and regular or conventional honey, as well. The conventional honey that you will find in most branded stores is the pasteurized honey. It is clear, smooth, and appears to be more polished. However, you should know that pasteurization reduces the number of antioxidants. Moreover, regular honey may also contain sugars and other additives. So, the beneficial effects do go down. 

Why Is Natural Raw Honey Better?

There are people who swear by raw honey. Raw honey is said to provide umpteen health benefits, in comparison to regular honey. Raw honey comes directly from the hive. Honey collectors collect the honey by physical means. Moreover, it does not undergo any pasteurization. There are many ways that you can differentiate between raw honey and conventionally produced honey. Read on to know about them. 

Differences Between Conventional Honey And Natural Raw Honey

There are many ways, that you can differentiate between the two. Raw honey is cloudier and opaque. Honey collectors just filter out pollens and dust particles. All else remains intact. Raw honey has lots of ingredients that are absent in regular honey. It contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and a whole lot of antioxidants. Bee pollens are also present in raw honey, and it tends to increase the anti-bacterial properties and antioxidant properties of honey. 

If you want to imbibe all the positive effects of honey, you can eat raw honey. However, a word of caution here. Raw honey and organic honey may not be the same. Organic honey does undergo pasteurization many times. Raw honey is always a better choice keeping in mind the environment, the ingredients, and the honey bees. Contribute to reducing the carbon footprint today.

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