Is Organic An Interesting Trend Or Lifestyle Choice

You will be reading a lot about organic food today. Most conventional farmers, as well as millennial agriculturists, are taking it seriously. The debate about which is one is good for the human body goes on and on. So, have you ever given a thought to how and why one is better than the other?

Organic Produce Decoded

A produce is called as organic if the soil contains no prohibited chemicals in the past fiveyears. You can call them chemical pesticides, fertilizer, and more. Even if the farmer has to add something, he has to be approved for its effects on human health and the environment. The USDA states that organic producers use natural substance like manures to enrich the soil. It has come up in recent times, but it is an age-old practice in reality. Our ancestors used organic farming to produce crops for food. However, increasing population and demands of food, gave rise to machinery and conventional modes. 

Moreover, organic farming has many benefits over conventional modes of farming. The use of natural crop fertilizers, leads to the enhancement of the soil. The natural manures reducecarbon footprint in the environment. Thus, the crops also do not cause any damage to the environment.

Conventional Modes Of Farming

If you compare conventional modes of farming with organic modes, there are several positives and negatives. With conventional modes of farming, the soil is degraded over a period of time. Moreover, the impact on the environment is also huge. This is mainly due to the use of chemical pesticides to get the highest yield for the market. The chemicals seep into the soil, and enter the food chain at multiple points. Moreover, there is nutrient loss and the soil becomes infertile over time. This tends to reduce the cost of enriching the entire place once again. 

Organic – A Trend Or A Lifestyle?

It is neither a trend, or a lifestyle in isolation. Moreover, you can call it a new trend towards a healthier lifestyle. The concept of organic farming is nothing new. It was replaced to make way for mass production. However, the agriculturists, and producers are slowly understanding how it is creating a huge impact on the society at large. So, both the producers and general population is shifting towards organic farming and its produce, respectively. So, you can, too check out the range of organic products like cereals, pulses, and rice amongst a whole range of other products at-

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