Cumin Seeds Benefits For Babies And Kids

Each one of us are well acquainted with cumin seeds. Everybody uses them as a condiment. Apart from its aroma, it has a lotmore benefits. Cumin seeds are very useful in just about any situation. If you have digestive issues, inflammation, or viral infection, you can have it. Moreover, you will be amazed to know that you can give the concoction to children as well. It is needless to mention that the organic variety will give you the best results. The cumin seeds benefits for babies and kids are many.

The Benefits Of Cumin Seeds 

The cumin seed has a number of health benefits for babies and kids. Read on to know more about them. • You can use cumin seeds to treat cold and cough. It also clears nasal passages. You can also give vapors to the babies and kids. • It will also help your little ones fight several viral and bacterial infections. • You can also treat digestive disorders like stomach ache and gas. • Apart from the known benefits of cumin, you will be amazed to know some hidden ones as well. Cumin seeds have huge reserves of calcium and iron. • Most kids who drink formula suffer from constipation. So, it would help to give a decoction of cumin seeds. • It also contains Vitamin C. So, as parents, you ought to give it to your babies and kids. 

Things To Consider

Now, you already know the cumin seeds benefits for babies and kidsBut, wait! Do not hurry. You need to remember certain things. You can start introducing kids to cumin water after six months. Once, the kids start to eat semi-solids, you can mix the cumin seeds with the food while cooking. Always ensure to choose cumin seeds that are husk-free and organic. They have more benefits than the normal variety. 

You should start with 3-4 tsp a day for toddlers. With time, you can increase the quantity. You can make cumin water very easy for babies and kids. Take a saucepan, and add one tsp of cumin seeds. Keep the burner on low flame. Once the water comes to a boil, you can mix a pinch of jaggery and serve. Discard the seeds. Cool the water and give it to your babies and kids. 

It is a natural drink that will help alleviate many digestive and stomach issues. So, use it and let others know as well. 

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